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~ Why Us ~

*You can 'do' and 'control/upgrade' your own Listings (ads) yourself!
*Absolutely no web-experience required - no qualifications... easy as pie!
*Folks can find your Establishment from the Home Page with 'one' click
*You are immdediately linked to numerous generic Key Accommodation/
Tourism type names...pointing to your ads! (over 700 names)

We cater for all kinds of ‘accommodation venues’ … offering you …
the ‘advertiser’ every option imaginable to create your own ‘ads’ … empowering you … with User/ Password Codes, … to upload all the usual ‘contact info’, … text content, numerous photos, maps, email & website links, … giving you the power to make changes/ alter your rates & tariffs, as many times as you want, whenever you want, … in fact … we give you 100% control over the your ‘ads’.

It is as if you are ‘bona-fida’ web-designers yourselves! Easy as pie, & without any form of training! For example: … you will be able to upload ‘Special Rates’ for …say… a long weekend, … and this can be done on the ‘spur-of-the-moment’ and the changes will reflect instantaneously! … At a click of a button! … Just ‘refresh-your-page’ to see the changes’.

At last, … you do not have to rely on ‘lazy’ unreliable web-advertising agents to effect temporary changes, … and whom invariably… let you down by not restoring your rates to the norm, once your ‘special promotion’ campaign has expired!

You have total control - 24/7, 365 days per year… of maintaining your ads, uploading text and photos, making all changes. Making ‘any’ changes! You are your own ‘ Marketing Director ’.

To actually appreciate what you can do … or what you get, … visit our ‘rates’ section, and see what the Platinum Listing has to offer, … in fact the Gold, Silver and Bronze options, are all good, depending of course on your requirements, … and… not to forget that … irrespective of your Listing Option, you are ‘immediately’ linked to over 500 generic, logical, key Tourism & Accommodation type names … pertaining to South Africa, plus connected to another +/- 300 UK and Global Accommodation names via Banner links, giving our clients ( you) an instantaneous 'huge' Web-Presence! ... if you’re on-board that is!

After six (6) years of intensive research carried out in all Continents across the Globe, … and in SA Venues ( in all provinces of South Africa), we know what the Leisure Tourist / Business Traveller wants! They want to at least have the option of dealing with the establishment owner/manager - direct!

We have decided to bring back good ‘Old Fashion Hospitality’. The World of Travel … has forgotten what ‘good hospitality’ is all about! Why is it left out of the WWW Internet infra-structure? That is what travellers ‘world-wide’ are asking! Where is the ‘friendliness’?

Why are internet websites so ‘un-friendly’ … usually a place where one cannot ask a basic question, … where most times one cannot even liaise / negotiate with the owner or manager of the establishment concerned, … at times forced to fill in ‘data’ before being able to peruse/ browse. And yes! We understand the ‘Corporate World’ … the conference delegates, whom need a fast and efficient means of ‘searching’ for accommodation venues! We are there for them as well! Our site is for ‘everybody’!

“Hospitality” is defined as the ‘friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers. It is the quality or disposition of receiving / treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, and generous way, … usually offering food, drink and a safe place to rest or stay overnight, … or longer!

With we have the same attitude, … the same mindset! We have designed our ‘Listing Options’ in such a way that even the coldest ‘faceless corporate entities’ can re-introduce the much needed ‘hospitality element’ that has faded over the years! It is common knowledge that the smaller private entities/ venues … offer ‘value-for-money-tariffs’, combined with warm, friendly accommodation, usually generating & maintaining a formidable recurring client base, …developing long-lasting friendships!

It is here that even the larger ‘Chain Hotels’ will need a ‘presence’ amongst the sought-after, private Lodges, Inns, Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfast, B & B’s, Boutique Hotels, Cottages, Game Reserves, Game Lodges, Self Catering venues/ flats, Apartments, Farm Accommodation venues, Fishing Venues, Golf venues, 4 by 4 Accommodaton, Pub accommodations, Hostels, Backpacking venues, Bush Camps, Camping Sites, Caravan Sites, Student Accommodations including quaint little ‘home-stay’ type Bed and Breakfasts!
Hospitality is all about: ‘ a place where … strangers meet and become good friends!’

We know that your ‘place’ is a special place, … indeed a place where strangers can meet and become good friends. In time … we hope that our website is like your place, offering warmth and friendship, … offering a common point where one can find each other, … a place where one can communicate with Owners / Inn-Keepers / Managers at will. We are sure that our site will prove to become the ‘catalyst’ of instilling long-lost hospitality and lasting friendships in the WWW SA (South Africa) network!

*If this strikes a chord … Join us!

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~ Neighbouring Countries ~
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The website promotes quality South African venues consisting of every
type of accommodation available in SA - Bed and Breakfasts, B&B's, Guest Houses, Guest
Lodges, Country Houses, Hotel Accommodation, Boutique Hotels, Mountain Resorts,
Farm Accommodation / Farmstay, Game Reserves, Game Lodges, Health Spas, Bush Camps,
Tented Accommodation, Caravans and Camping, Backpacking Campsites, Luxury Getaways,
Beach Resorts, City Lodges, Holiday Flats / Apartments, Holiday Homes, Holiday Cottages,
Self Catering Accommodations, Homestay Bed and Breakfasts, ... including World Cup
Soccer Accommodation venues!
South Africa, a major ' Global ' Tourist destination, is divided into nine Provinces known as follows:
Western Cape | Eastern Cape | Northern Cape | Free State | KwaZulu-Natal | North West | Gauteng | Mpumalanga | Limpopo

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