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~  Contact Us  ~

Should you find the need to contact us, … perhaps you require some assistance with creating your ‘ads’, perhaps you may have a few good ideas of your own, …perhaps you wish to report a fault, please feel free to contact any one of our Global representatives listed below:

Jean Managing Director
Dale SEO Director
Kirsten Marketing Director
  Telephone Contact 082 8 555 397

(These are our top 3 agents … appointed to run the South African Accommodation Venues / SA Bed and Breakfast / SA Hotels Marketing Portfolio) *To avoid automated spam - we do not make the emails 'clickable'.

 ~ Advertising Queries ~

Remember, for ‘marketing purposes alone’ … if you are responding to one of our many email promotions, and you have a query, …or … require assistance in any way, please deal with the appropriate agent from whom you received the introductory ‘email promo’ in the first instance. This way, … you help us with our own internal marketing strategies. This way you secure your ‘Special’…that is currently on offer!

(Although we all work together, and belong to the same family business, we have a healthy incentive scheme/ rewards program, to compete with each other, in terms of offering you, the advertiser… the best possible service with ‘high efficiency.’)

~ Technical Support ~

 Any hectic problems / faults you may be experiencing that perhaps the agents listed above cannot solve, please feel free to email your problems to our engineers at:

~ Request Our Bank Details for EFT/ Direct Bank Deposit ~

Not ‘everyone’ believes in Online Transactions! Not ‘everyone’ trusts Internet Banking! Not ‘everyone’ has a credit card! We understand that, and are more than happy to send you our Banking Details, for whatever method of payment you wish to opt for!

Should you prefer to do a direct ‘physical’ deposit into our Bank Account, and/or should you prefer to link us as a ‘recipient/ in order to do Online Transactions / EFT payments, simply click on the email link below and request our Bank details: (Please ensure that your basic contact details, your name/company name, & establishment name are included in the body of this email request: i.e. not just your email address only!)

*(For obvious reasons, we do not have our Bank Details permanently displayed on this website for every Tom, Dick & Harry to see!)

~ Pay via our VCS facility ~

‘Payments via all major Credit Cards can be made 'online' via our VCS facilty.’

~ We are a Medium-Sized Family Concern ~

We are a medium – sized family concern, based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, with family members in all the South African Provinces, and across the Globe, …UK, France, Germany, Holland, Europe, Australia, Mauritius, America, … to name a few! All of us are well-travelled, are constantly in touch with various Tourism authorities, … constantly promote South Africa as being an ‘Extra Special’ Holiday destination, … and are constantly in touch with what the Tourist/ Traveller wants… in terms of Internet web-site presentations on the WWW network!

From conducting ‘random’ interviews, we are proud to report that … we receive ‘rave reviews’, with 90% of the folks stating that it is ‘absolute heaven’ for them, to be able to simply go to our Home page, type-in their favourite accommodation venue, (or part of the name!) click ‘Go’ … and up pops the very venue they wish to visit, …or … wish to direct/ refer friends, colleagues and other tourist, etc.!

*Being immediately linked to over 500 logical Tourism & Accommodation type names pertaining to South Africa, plus connected to another 300 + UK and Global Accommodation names, gives our clients ( you) an instantaneous 'huge' Web-Presence!

Good referral business for you, the ‘advertiser’… ultimately generates … good ‘ word-of-mouth’

Thank you!

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~ Neighbouring Countries ~
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The website promotes quality South African venues consisting of every
type of accommodation available in SA - Bed and Breakfasts, B&B's, Guest Houses, Guest
Lodges, Country Houses, Hotel Accommodation, Boutique Hotels, Mountain Resorts,
Farm Accommodation / Farmstay, Game Reserves, Game Lodges, Health Spas, Bush Camps,
Tented Accommodation, Caravans and Camping, Backpacking Campsites, Luxury Getaways,
Beach Resorts, City Lodges, Holiday Flats / Apartments, Holiday Homes, Holiday Cottages,
Self Catering Accommodations, Homestay Bed and Breakfasts, ... including World Cup
Soccer Accommodation venues!
South Africa, a major ' Global ' Tourist destination, is divided into nine Provinces known as follows:
Western Cape | Eastern Cape | Northern Cape | Free State | KwaZulu-Natal | North West | Gauteng | Mpumalanga | Limpopo

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